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How Secure is it to Play at a Online Casino?

How Secure is it to Play at a Online Casino?

As a online casino player, what security do you have?

According to statistics the main concern all new online casino players have is the uncertainties surrounding the deposit of money to and payout’s from online casinos. This concern could not be more valid After all isn’t this suppose to be for relaxation and stress relief? I think most online casino players would agree that the best weapon you have against being taken advantage of is common sense.

Like any other in the company operating in the business world today you just won’t stay in business long if you don’t treat your customers fairly. Simple but true. the online casinos recognize this and have a tremendous amount more to lose than paying you you $10,000 in winnings. Online casinos are professionally run organizations that cost millions in software and millions in start up costs just to get them off the ground.( Boss Media recently sold a domain name they had for 4.5 million) Once a casino is up and running the competition and need the casino feels to not only keep you as a player but a happy one at that is emense.

Online casino will do what they can to retain the current player list and expand their overall player base with different features offered from casino to casino. When you first visit a casino Cat Ninja Pro take note of what level of customer support they offer. Is it a 24/7? Do they have phone numbers were you can reach and speak to someone from the casino or do you have to leave a message and wait for them to call you back? What about bonuses? If they make it difficult for you to get in contact with them , do you really want to play there? Remember this is suppose to be enjoyable. The casinos do care about you as a player and really want to keep you happy so you will keep coming back.

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Most if not all have a independent audit done and post the result somewhere on there site. This should include their % payout for the previous month or quarter. This can be a valuable tool when deciding what casino to play at.

If the constant evaluation from the casino player and the scrutiny of the auditing firm isn’t enough to keep the online casino on the straight and narrow, the casino software supplier should keep them on the right path. The casino may have allot to lose but the software manufacturer has the most. Most online casinos are sold like a franchise agreement and it is under this agreement that the casinos are keep on a tight leash. Each casino software manufacture has policies and procedures the casino owners must follow or risk having the casino turned off by the software manufacture and losing all the millions of dollars the casino owners spent to get their casino up and running.

The best way to ensure that you don’t end up disappointed is to use common sense. When you are out in the retail world shopping would you enter a store and go back to a store that made you feel uncomfortable ? The same applies in the online casino world. If after you look around at he casino yo don’t feel comfortable, leave. There are allot of different casinos out there make sure the one you pick is the one you will feel happy at playing a month from now.

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