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Online lottery betting has become a popular way to earn money for the past decade thanks to the rapid development of technology. The different of lottery betting from traditional lottery is instead of choosing lucky numbers, players need to buy a ticket to bet on the result of the selected game. If the outcome matches your bet, then you win. There are many online service for lottery betting. World Lottery Club is one of the recommended ones. What makes this online lottery platform different from other platform is they offer the chance to win various big jackpots regardless of your residence. You can place a bet by accessing the website from your PC or even through mobile application. As a member of a top lottery betting and secondary lottery services provider called Annexio Limited, World Lottery Club ensure the safety and security of the players. Annexio Limited is regulated and licensed by both the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the UK Gambling Commission that will supervise the service throughout time. In this article, you can read a brief World Lottery Club review to give you more reference.

Before going to the World Lottery Club Review, you can read the steps to participate in the website on the list below:

  • Create an account by clicking on ‘Login/Register’, and then click the ‘Register for a New Account’.
  • Input your personal information to the registration form, such as date of birth, postcode, complete address, phone number, country, password, email address, last and first names, and gender.
  • Confirm that you already read the conditions and terms, and then click the ‘Register’ button.
  • Deposit funds to your account, and you can start playing.
  • To start playing, select the lottery games provided by the service.
  • Choose the numbers manually or let the systems select it for you. You can make a quick buy through the navigation menu by using option of Lucky Picks to participate in 3 most famous games (Mega Millions, EuroMillions, and Powerball)
  • Select the amount of draws you want to join or decide if you wish to subscribe or not.
  • Verify the payment and order details.
  • Click ‘Pay Now’, and wait for the result.
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Benefits and Drawbacks

First part of this World Lottery Club review is about its benefits. This online lottery service offers an excellent security, thanks to its Thawte SSL and the fact that it is regulated and licensed by 2 gambling commissions. World Lottery Club also offers great materials for education. They explain the history and mechanism of every lottery game provided by the service in details. It also has a decent game selection, allowing you to choose various games, from the popular Mega Millions and US Powerball to the less popular Polish+ and Finnish Lotto. However, the discounts offered by this service are not impressive and 24 draws are needed to enjoy it. World Lottery Club will also deducts your winning money for their service. The payment methods accepted by this service is quite limited compared to other online lottery services.

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